The Library Elf

Why hello! I welcome you to my Tumblr.

I am a library elf. It is my dream that I shall someday become a full fledged librarian elf, and I do hope some of you out there will come visit me when I am!

This shall be the blog I keep all on my adventures of being a library elf.

Currently, I am residing in a wonderful beautiful library called Thompson, with eleven beautiful floors to explore. I spend my days picking up and shelving books, and if I'm lucky enough, I also happen upon a few little odds and ends I keep for myself...

Follow me on my library adventures!

Welcome to the empty summer library.

Our library’s beautiful Grand Reading Room

For the really old books in our library, the ones that are just falling apart, people either make boxes to put them in, or… they shrinkwrap them. Being a library elf, I look forward to the days when I get to reshelve these beauties.

Rainy days make the library extremely busy, you know!

This library elf has a library locker! I don’t know what they expect us to store in these, since they’re so small, so I collect books! Been saving these up for about a week to take home over Christmas break (a time when all elves should be helping Santa).

Welcome to a college library the week after finals. So empty you can hear a cart squeak eleven floors away.

This is not how to use books, people! Books are not meant for tables. Finals shenanigans.

I love books old enough to still have their checkout slips! A work of art.

Two of the latest bookmarks I’ve found in returned books - one of them is in Chinese!

One of the best things about being a library elf is whoever is the first one to write it on the board in the morning gets to do Walk Around, where your job is to go through all eleven floors and pick up all the books people have left lying around. Fun! My Nagpur eyes tend to catch other things too, this time it was a.quite poetic note about finals, and an unopened package of sticky notes! Score!